Global Standard Quality
We provide the quality, performance and safety required by
workshops around the world.



High quality products that are based on the market needs which SPK will supply with confidence!
The logo mark has the same letter font of SPK company name logo including three letters of our management philosophy, S: Sincerity, P: Passion, K: Kindness, on the mark imitating the earth.

Business Model

The strength of GSPEK Oil is its cooperative relationship with partner companies.

  • We have a wide range of specialized information with the cooperation of parts / maintenance tool / diagnostic machine manufacturers
    in the automotive aftermarket industry.
  • We have established cooperative relationship with additive manufacturers who can give us appropriate advice with their own evaluation criteria.
  • We have the licence of API (American Petroleum Institute) and JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization / JASO Engine Oil Standards
    Implementation Panel).
  • Consistent development capabilities from product planning to designing and can manufacturing is our strength.
  • Prompt commercialization by collaborating with the factory having the facility that enables small lot filling from bulk to small cans.

Development & Quality Management

First, we clarify the concept of products based on our own forecasts of future trends and market needs. And then, we select the base oil and additives including its viscosity.
Depending on the products, we repeatedly test it on the streets or circuits to clear the target performance.