We have cultivated trust and achievements in the focus of spare parts and accessories for automotive, industrial and construction machinery for over 100 years since the company was established.
We have established a strong purchasing network and sales channels.

Domestic Sales Division

Domestic Sales Division supplies automotive aftermarket parts and accessories for all the domestic and imported cars regardless of manufacturer or model through 1,000 parts dealers all over Japan.
We have 19 sales bases and recieve orders through the WEB and online from our customers.
With an inventory of over 30,000 parts for domestic cars alone, we have a system to respond to customer's requests immediately. Regarding imported car parts, we distribute overseas procured parts from Global Aftermarket Centers in Osaka and Tokyo.
We are particularly active in product development in order to adapt to the changing aftermarket environment and bring new added value to the market. While developing functional parts at the core, we are also focusing on the development of high-value-added electronic parts, OBD (On-Board Diagnostics), and spare parts for electric vehicles which will be main models in the future.
We also jointly develop environmentally freindly products with manufacturers for global environmental issues and put them on the market.

Overseas Business Division

Overseas Business Division supplies high-quality automotive spare parts to more than 350 customers in 80 countries by utilizing the know-how of automobile maintenance and repair parts sales that we have cultivated since our establishment.
In Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, the Netherlands, and the United States, we have seven local subsidiaries, actively promoting product development based on local-based support and each market information to meet various aftermarket needs in each country.
Along with the expansion of local production by Japanese car manufacturers, the sales of Japanese cars are increasing around the world every year. In addition, used-car export from Japan are also increasing year by year. Thus, the global Japanese car ownership market, which is our play field, is steadily expanding and we are blessed with great growth opportunities. Through our unique global network, we will promptly grasp market needs, reflect them in product development and survive the once-in-a-century transformation period.

Machinery Equipment Division

Machinery Equipment Division supplies machinery equipment parts and components to major manufacturers of industrial vehicles such as forklifts and tractors, as well as construction vehicles.
We have established our own quality assurance organization to meet the demands of our business partners for electrification, connection, and autonomous products, and we are expanding our lineup of products procured domestically and overseas. We are promoting delivery through stock operations to manufacturing bases in the United States, China and Europe, and are expanding our SPK network through the global sales development.
Our main products include a wide range of products such as multifunction displays, integrated switches and dials, telematics equipment, electrical components such as various lamps, resin parts, functional parts, etc., and we help our customers with their problems through proposal sales. At the same time, we are expanding the lineup of our original products.

CUSPA Division

CUSPA Division mainly deals with customized parts and develops the following business.

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Tie-up Project with Car dealer

Development of Concept Cars

Development of car manufacturers' show and concept cars.

Original Brand Business


Planning, development and sales of customized parts for Daihatsu vehicles.


Planning, development and sales of customized parts for Toyota vehicles.


Planning, development and sales of customized parts for Daihatsu racing vehicles.

Car Detailing Business

Car Beauty Pro

Car detailing business operation (car coating / car wrapping / car film, etc.)

Joint Venture Business with Parts Manufacturers (SPK is the exclusive distributor)

SHOWA TUNING (Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.)

Planning, development and sales of high-performance suspension parts for 4-wheeled vehicles.

CHUHATSU PLUS (Chuo Spring Co., Ltd.)

Planning, development and sales of customized brands of suspension parts.

555GOLD (Sankei Industry Co., Ltd.)

Planning, development and sales of parts brand of "MADE IN JAPAN" featuring suspension and steering related parts for classic and dicontinued cars.

TCL ADVANCE (Tanikawa Yuka Kogyo Co., Ltd.)

Planning, development and sales of high-performance brake fluid and long-life coolant.

Agency Business

ARAI HELMET (Exclusive distributor in Japan)

ARAI HELMET products for 4-wheels.

alpinestars (Exclusive distributor in Japan)

alpinestars racing gear for 4-wheels and karts.

Pivot (Exclusive distributor in Japan)

Pivot measurement and control devices for automobiles and motor sports. (excluding some products)

Defi (Exclusive distributor in the world)

Customized products of Defi which is produced by Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd., genuine electronic parts manufacturer.

TRS (Exclusive distributor in Japan)

High-performance racing harnesses (seat belts)


Development and manufacture of customized parts for HIACE

OEM Supplying Business

・OEM supplying to customized brands etc.

e-Motorsports Business

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Holding e-Motorsports competition, Racing simulator, Development and sales of simulator related parts.

Motion Systems

Importer of electric actuators for driving simulators