We are a trading company specializing in automotive spareparts and accessories, and industrial vehicle parts.



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Company History

1917 Separated from the machinery department of Itochu Corporation to establish Osaka Automobile Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary.
First company in Osaka to sell imported cars and imported car parts.
1922 Left the Itochu Corporation group to form independent company. Business focused on sale of automotive parts and supplies.
1949 Company name changed to Daido Enterprise Co., Ltd. as company makes a fresh post-war start as a trading company specializing in automobile parts.
1960s-1970s Opened business offices across Japan.
1971 Selected by the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau as a model self-auditing corporation.
1973 Established the Kansai Auto Parts Distribution Center in Osaka's Nanko area through a joint investment in an effort to streamline overseas operations.
1980 Established a subsidiary company, SPK Singapore Pte Ltd. (SSP), in Singapore.
1989-1997 Engaged in company-wide new business startup campaign based on company's "The Road toward Being Top-Class Businesspersons" long-term scenario for corporate reform.
1990 Introduced new personnel system. Systematized residential training course and corresponding cource.
Established local subsidiary in the Netherlands, opened Distribution Center of Import Car Parts in Osaka.
1992 Company name changed to SPK Corporation.
1995 October 5, listing of stocks (OTC).
1997 Held events to celebrate 80th anniversary.
Established local subsidiary in Malaysia.
1999 Starting August 2, size of blocks of company's shares changed from 1,000 to 100 shares.
2000 August 9, listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Second Section.
2003 March 3, selected for listing on TSE First Section.April 1, acquired all shares of Osaka's Maruyasu Shokai Co., Ltd. and welcomed the company as a member of the SPK Group. Opened representative office in Guangzhou, China.
2005 Established local subsidiary in Thailand.
2007 Held events to celebrate 90th anniversary.
Upgraded the representative office in Guangzhou, China to a local subsidiary.
2010 Started new medium-term business planā€”3 Years to SPK Recovery.
2011 SSP included in consolidated results.
2012 Held events to celebrate 95th anniversary.
2013 Started new medium-term business plan.
2014 February 10, acquired all shares of Tanikawa Yuka Kogyo Co., Ltd., welcoming the company into the SPK group.
2015 January, established a subsidiary in Houston, Texas, USA.
2016 April, acquired all shares of Nippon Trans Pacific Corporation, California, USA.
2017 December, SPK marked its 100th anniversary.
2020 Established SPK USA Holdings Inc.
October 16, acquired all shares of Northeast Imported Parts & Accessories,Inc.,and welcomed the company as a member of the SPK group.
2021 July 15, acquired all shares of Car Beauty Pro Co.,Ltd.,and welcomed the company as a member of the SPK group.


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