SPK Corporation is a trading company listed
on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange,
which deals automotive spare parts,
accessories and industrial vehicle parts.

We will work together with all of our employees to permanently develop the history of SPK, which our predecessors have built up over 100 years with our business partners, toward the next 100 years.
The automotive parts industry, which is our business domain, is expected to undergo major changes in the future, but with the spirit of Omi merchants, which is the root of SPK, "enterprising spirit", we will expand business opportunities to the parts field that grows even in new environments.

沖 恭一郎Kyoichiro OkiPresident


To live with Sincerity, to work with Passion, to attend with Kindness

Our company name became "SPK" by taking the initials for these 3 keywords.

Basic Principles

We only live once
Learn hard
Work harder
Enjoy life to the fullest.