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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

  1. SPK protects its customers’ personal information by complying with relevant laws and regulations, appointing a personal data controller within each department and ensuring that information is managed appropriately.
  2. In cases where SPK collects and uses personal information from its customers, it will collect and use that information using appropriate methods only after having first notified and obtained the agreement of the person or persons concerned. Also, when using personal information, the company will do so only within the scope of those purposes that have been designated and made publicly known.
  3. SPK will take measures to preserve and manage the personal information of its customers safely and correctly, and to prevent improper access to or the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of that information.
  4. SPK will not supply personal information to third parties without obtaining the agreement of the individual or individuals concerned except in cases bound by law. Also, in those instances where the processing of personal information has been consigned to an outside party, that party is obliged by contract to carry out appropriate management thereof in the same way as SPK.
  5. Should a customer desire to review or correct his or her personal information, SPK will respond quickly to inquiries made to SPK’s General Affairs Department regarding such after having confirmed the identity of the individual concerned. Furthermore, if a customer indicates that they no longer wish to receive information from the company, then, after receiving such request at the relevant contact point, SPK shall promptly respond as appropriate.
  6. SPK complies with the applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information, and will endeavor to monitor and constantly review and improve its handling of personal information under each of the abovementioned provisions.


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