We are a trading company specializing in automotive spareparts and accessories, and industrial vehicle parts.



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Machinery Equipment Division

Machinery Equipment Division

The Machinery Equipment Division supplies parts and components for assembly to major manufacturers who produce industrial vehicles such as construction vehicles, forklifts, and tractors.

To keep pace with the recently accelerating global growth of our business partners, we are engaged in global sales efforts aimed at expansion that will lead to a new era for the company. Specifically, we are increasing the ratio of parts procured overseas while promoting delivery through direct trade targeting manufacturing sites in China and North America.

The main products we handle cover a broad range of goods, including lights of all types, multifunction switches, resin parts, various electrical and electronic parts, and filter-related parts. In addition to expanding our sales channels, we are also making efforts to flesh out lines of original products to go with our success in solutions-based sales.


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