VISION 2030 / Mid-term Management Plan

Aiming for a Global Trading Company of Mobility Business

SPK will continue to grow with the current parts distribution business as our core and evolve into a Global Trading Company of Mobility Business that provides all value to the mobility society and users around the world by 2030.



Basic Strategy of VISION 2030

1Personnel and Organizational Strategy

Enforcement of new
personnel system

  • Promotion and salary increase system that eliminates seniority and can evaluate talented human resources
  • Establishment of a human resources development system for young and mid-career employees
➡Improve motivation

Promotion of DX

  • Establishment of Digital Development Office for the introduction of IT from the user's perspective
  • Build an information sharing and cooperation mechanism between suppliers, automotive parts dealers and maintenance shops
➡Improve efficiency and sales force

Establishment of new
organization and reorganization

  • Domestic: Establishment of Investor and Public Relations Office(currently, the Investor and Public Relations Department), regional block of sales bases, remote sales
  • Overseas: Establishment of a controlling company (mainly in North America and Asia)
➡Aim to share organizational strategies and information

2New Mobility Business Strategy

3Product and Sales Strategy Adaptation to environment and carbon-free society Environment and SDGs

Environment and SDGs

  • Sort all products with consideration for environment and SDGs.
    Aim to gradually strengthen environmental friendliness.
  • Distribute SDGs badges to all employees and issue SDGs private
    placement bonds of donation-type
➡Review of all products

Strengthen private brand

  • Launch the global common premium brand "GSPEK PREMIUM"
  • The PT proposed the concept and naming for the introduction of
➡Launch Premier bland

EV/CASE products

  • Further strong cooperation with manufacturers and concentrate resources for development
  • Establishment of a R&D office for new product development
➡New product development

Rebuilt and recycling

  • Focus on product sales and develop into one of the
    main pillars in 3 years
  • Actively promote alliances with manufacturers
    and other companies
➡Expand product sales
➡New product development

4Logistics Strategy

Regional Logistics Reorganization-Distribution Center Establishment

Considering conversion to distribution centers in Kanto
and Chubu following Kinki Logistic

Future model-New Kinki Sales Office

As a futuristic model such as installing solar panels and introducing EV cars,
it will be expanded to other sales offices.

Headquarters new construction relocation project

A new project team was set up and started in 2021.

5SustainableContribution to a low-carbon society

Environmental【Realization of a prosperous
low-carbon society】

  • Review all products from the perspective of
    environmental compatibility
  • Development and sales of rebuilt and recycled products
  • Sequential introduction of solar panels and EV vehicles
    to new office buildings
Contribution to SDGs

Social【Aiming to be a rewarding
global company】

  • Promotion of work style reform
    →Efforts for diversity management
    →Telework and remote sales promotion along
    with the realization of DXAcceptance and training
    of foreign maintenance human resources
  • Acceptance and training of foreign maintenance human resources
Contribution to SDGs

Governance【Corporate governance】

  • Governance and compliance system
    strengthened by the Board of Directors
    →Systematic training of management human resourses
    and evaluation of the effectiveness of the board of directors
  • Enhancing communication with stakeholders
    →Establishment of Investor and Public Relations Department
Contribution to SDGs

Figure Plan

1Strengthening profitability

Aiming for consolidated sales of
60 billion yen toward the fiscal year ending March 2024

2Shareholder return policy

Expected to increase dividends for 26 consecutive terms