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An Organizational System of Three Sales Divisions and an Administration Division Offers Corporate Unity

“Cross-border alliance” (CBA), not necessarily a widely known term, can be thought of as a corporate guideline of coordination that goes beyond the organization itself. This idea of CBA, be it in the form of personnel transfers between divisions from Domestic Sales to International Trade or from International Trade to Machinery Equipment, or from administrative departments to foreign branches, is instilled in everyone at SPK. Naturally we are also accelerating coordination with our subsidiaries. We are working toward realization of the concept of “SPK as One” by strengthening this sense of corporate unity.

The Administration Division is responsible for supporting the three sales divisions; its large role in human resources, system and management strategy is also increasingly important. By supporting each division as a group of specialists, the Administration Division allows the sales divisions to concentrate on business operations. As the number of group companies steadily increases, they generate synergy with one another that contributes to individual performance. At SPK, sixty percent of employees are in their twenties or thirties; by cultivating this young and talented workforce, our human resource strategy will go a long way in helping the company’s development.

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