We are a trading company specializing in automotive spareparts and accessories, and industrial vehicle parts.



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Company Profile

A message from the president

SPK specializes in tradingautomotive parts and supplies, and industrial vehicle parts. We have been listed on theFirst Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2003.

Management Principles
To Live with Sincerity
To Work with Passion
To Attend with Kindness
This is how our corporate name stands for.
Basic Principles
We only live once
Learn hard
Work harder
Enjoy life to the fullest
Business Target
A continual increase in the dividend (for 18 fiscal years up to FY2015 )
Beginning in FY2015, we are carrying out our 3-year medium-term business plan, SPK100, as we prepare for the company's 100th anniversary celebration in fiscal 2017. We have begun taking on new challenges to become the strong, interesting, and promising medium-sized enterprise that we aim to be.

President Tomikazu Todoroki


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