SPK’s Strengths




Effective Operations Through a Small, Elite Workforce and Valuing Human Resources

SPK, listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is involved in both domestic and international business.
(As of the period ending March 2015: 38.3 billion yen in sales; 330 employees)

A trading company’s largest managerial resource is its personnel. We focus our energy most keenly on the cultivation of human resources and the practice of our Management Principles (sincerity, passion and kindness). All employees share and follow through on these principles, and endeavor to improve their individual skills, which enables effective operations through a small, elite workforce and valuing human resources.

New Graduate Employment
SPK hires at least 10 new graduates each year. Decisions are made after meeting large numbers of students at information seminars held in Osaka, Tokyo, and at regional universities. We believe that the hiring of young, talented workers is the key to our future growth.
Cultivating Human Resources
We offer overnight training retreats and correspondence courses that improve logical thinking skill at every career milestone from entry-level, to supervisor, chief, manager, and department manager. We also offer correspondence courses for cultivating practically useful skills (computer, language, corporate analysis, and management skills), allowing employees to take command of their own growth.
Lifetime Employment
We believe that a system of lifetime employment allows our employees to work without anxiety about their career.

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