SPK’s Strengths




Business Promotion That Spans the Globe

Through our three sales divisions, our ties to the international market grow stronger. The Domestic Sales Division sources imported products, foreign auto parts, and other materials from around the world, and supplies them throughout Japan. The International Trade Division has taken a more pro-active approach; expanding business by developing various international markets and original products, as well as intermediary trade opportunities. The Machinery Equipment Division works not only to procure product materials, but also to develop its business internationally to accommodate customers’ global business expansions.

Domestic Sales Division
The products we sell in Japan include an increasing number of imported products. Furthermore, in order to respond to the need for foreign auto parts, we are working to improve our stock variety and search speed.
International Trade Division
As the globalization of our business continues, we foresee future possible increases in the number of our local subsidiaries. Globally minded employees are a necessity, and we operate training programs to ensure that junior employees also have the chance to develop international experience.
Machinery Equipment Division
We are expanding internationally in order to supply OEM products to manufacturers of construction, production, and agricultural equipment. Our strength lies in our network, which allows us to find the right match between customer and supplier, thus ensuring that customer needs with regard to value, technology, and supply systems are satisfied.

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