SPK’s Strengths




A Solid Financial Foundation Offering Firm Stability

Leveraging debt-free management to maintain stable performance and financials is a strength of SPK.
Our inventory is also strictly monitored to ensure we can respond as quickly as possible to our customers. We will continue to increase our cash and cash equivalents, and retain an equity ratio of approximately 70%. We maintain reliable performance by working to meet each yearly forecast, steadily growing without major fluctuations. At 8%, our ROE already satisfies corporate screening standards for investors, but we are striving to improve this index. We will continue to increase internal reserves while aggressively using capital to stabilize corporate performance.

With this sound financial foundation, our customers and suppliers can conduct business with us based on trust, while new partners can enter into business with peace of mind. We have furthermore increased dividends for 18 straight fiscal years, the second-best performance among all Japanese companies. Our solid financial foundation is what allows SPK to achieve such impressive results.

Our continued increases in dividends are also important from an IR standpoint; our company is often mentioned as one to watch among long-term stock investors. We are carefully investigating M&A prospects, and will take action to advance growth should we discover promising companies with potential synergy.

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