Product Lineup

  • Specification0W-20
    SN, GF-5
  • Base oilFull Synthetic
  • Net4L
  • "SN, GF-5 0W-20" is the Ecology & Sport type engine oil and developed for the fuel-efficient vehicles with NA engine.
    It can be widely-used for kei-cars, compact cars and hybrid cars.
  • Specification0W-30
  • Base oilFull Synthetic
  • Net4L
  • ROAD SPORT 0W30 is for Low viscosity engine oil recommended vehicles, specify viscosity is 0W20 or lower.
  • Specification0W-40
  • Base oilFull Synthetic
  • Net4L
  • RACING SPEC 0W40, the PAO(Poly-Alpha-Olefins) and ester is applied to the based oil. This formula gives high oil film strength although low oil viscosity.
    Therefore this oil can be used wide-range vehicles, racing cars and normal usage cars.
  • Specification5W-30
    SN, GF-5
  • Base oilFull Synthetic
  • Net4L
  • "SN, GF-5 5W-30" is Ecology & Sport type engine oil which is developed for tough condition of a car with turbo charger.
    It can be widely-used for Kei car to Compact car.
  • Specification5W-40
  • Base oilFull Synthetic
  • Net4L
  • EURO SPORT 5W40 is designed to drive many hours on Autobahn with very high speed. This oil can be used not only for European brands' vehicles, BENZ, BMW, VW, AUDI and PORSCHE but also Japanese and American vehicles.
  • Specification10W-50
  • Base oilFull Synthetic
  • Net4L
  • RACING SPEC 10W50 can be used wide-range vehicles from aged vehicles to latest vehicles. Because the particular base oil is applied to it and this formula gives very high oil film strength.


  • GSPEK stands for GSP(Global Standard Products) and SPK are combined.
    We developed “GSPEK” motor oil as a new series of “GSP” one which we use high quality base oil and additives.
    Since we’re particular about not only performance but also appearance, we use “極 (Premium) Blue Color” for oil itself..
    We, SPK can supply high quality & reasonable priced GSPEK Motor Oils with confidence since we plan and develop high quality products from the view point of customers.

Buisiness Model

GSPEK oil's strengths are relations with partner companies.

  • We are an expert company in the business of aftermarket auto parts with 100 years history,
    SPK have many expert supporters which they are strong for raw material, additive, logistic, stock, design, printing, test and more category.
  • We are an official member of API(American Petroleum Institute) and JASO(Japanese Automotive Standard organization)
  • Our strong points are that we can offer reasonable price with high quality because we procure “high grade base oil” by tanker and keep huge volume by ourselves.
  • We manage total process, from "package design" to "complete the product".
    Therefore we are very strong on developing products which is especially small lot.
  • Tanker
  • Prooducts
  • Tank

Development & Quality Management

  • Our product development begins with clarifying market trend and product concept.
    Secondly, we choose the base oil and additives and set the degree of viscosity.
    Depending on the purpose of engine oil, we test it repeatedly with vehicle on the public road or circuit for the high performance & quality. And we carry out blending test not only in development stage but also when every mass-producing for conformity with target's standard.
  • Field test circuitField test
  • Laboratory testLaboratory test
  • Fuel consumption testFuel consumption test